Thursday, August 05, 2004

Ice Cream and Pickles

Last night (Wednesday) was the normal night out for Wings and Beer. This is what I call the Fee Winger night because most of the fee collectors show up for 10 cent wings before 6pm. Then a few of us other stragglers show up and talk shop as always. I arrived at about 530pm and Mr. and Mrs. Smith were already there. Guess Mrs. Smith might be casted in some movie that is going to be filmed in the area, but not real sure. Haras was our waitress and she always seems to be the waitress when I show up. I ordered veggie chili, a lemonade, and beer battered rings. BF would be showing up later so I had to make sure to get his wing order in and I almost didn't.

Goosebumps and her two new bought friends showed up sometime before 6pm. They ordered wings and Haras said she had to get the order in or it wouldn't make it. That is when I remembered to order BF's. The park service is a small network of people and someone always knows someone, has worked where you have worked, or whatever. Goosebumps and the one of the new bought friends had met at some park back in the cold country of Michigan I think. (NOTE: Goosebumps did buy me a beer)

Flapper showed up after 6pm and missed the wings (As well as Big Bear, but he never orders wings anyway). I think she just really showed up to collect her purse that she had left at Banditos at lunch. (You might notice I eat there quite a bit). I should have let her sweat it out, but I was nice and called and said you left your purse, thanks for lunch. And so the shop talk turned into other talk as usual with Flapper and I. BF was occasionally involved or at least half listening. I would get this look every once in a while.

Some people were ordering some other things and I had decided I wanted some ice cream. So I looked at Haras and then asked if she would come over to me because I didn't want to yell my order across the table. So she comes closer...

ME: Can I have the mint chocolate chip ice cream with malt syrup and a pickle.
Haras: (Well you can only image the look on her face). Um, ok. One scoop or two, one pickle or two?
Me: (Flapper pretty much had the same look) Well now you understand why I didn't want to yell it across the table.

Earlier in the meal eating I had seen Big Bear eating a pickle and had decided to get one. Haras brings the pickle and ice cream. And well, I am sure you can pretty much figure out the reaction of the table. The words PREGNANT were thrown around quite a bit. BF's face about fell to the ground. And I tried to assure everyone that I wasn't. I can't wait to see what the word at work is today.

Me to Haras: You got me in trouble.
Haras: I got you in trouble? You are the one who ordered it.

So the moral is when with friends, don't ever order ice cream and pickles because you will get razzed big time.

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