Saturday, August 28, 2004

Reptile Blood

When I was 1 year old, my father packed my family up and moved us to Arizona from Iowa. I am sure if it was in the summer, but I would assume so since there were 6 others in school and I am sure they weren't uprooted in the middle of the school year. I know that first winter in Arizona, my brothers and sisters were swimming in the pool and their friends thought they were crazy. But I suppose when you grow up in Iowa where there are true winters, 60 degrees in the winter is like a high in Iowa. I never endured a true winter. A couple of times it snowed where we lived, but not often. Our town in the summertime is normally the hottest place in the nation next to Death Valley. But a winter that includes snow, sleet, hail, and freezing temperatures just isn't something I had to endure too often. Going to college, I had to endure that winters with snow a little bit, but I spent those winters on the mountain skiing so to me it wasn't a winter. Of course my GPA shows how well I did in college, but I had fun and that is what counts or is it the degree that counts.

Last year I started working in this park. One June, July, or August morning, I leave my residence to go to work. I hear B-Boy say "what are you doing?" He's from Pennsylvania. I said going to work. He said you are wearing a jacket. I said it is cold outside. It was probably 70-80 degrees.

I used to play tennis mid-afternoon in 115 degree weather and barely broke a sweat. Of course that was probably because I wasn't drinking water, but nonetheless, I love the heat. I think my blood has turned cold blooded like the reptiles. Come winter, I like to hibernate somewhere warm. Last year I return to the area to a 2 week inversion and did not see the sun for those 2 weeks. I was seriously depressed as I had just spent December in Phoenix in sandals, jeans, and short-sleeve shirts.

So yesterday I walked out of BF's house and released I was going to have to pull out the jacket. High yesterday was supposed to be 87 degrees. I did not put the jacket on, but I did run the heater in the vehicle for most of the morning. I'll take 100+ degrees (of course with no humidity) over cold weather any day.

Coldness is here so it is time to bundle up. Of course most people in the area are saying the weather is just starting to get nice. But what do they know.

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