Sunday, June 06, 2004

Attacked by WNV

Yesterday G-Baby wanted me to hiked up the wash to check out a nest of a Coopers Hawk. I get paid an hour of work to do physical training so I got up early and took my PT time hiking up the wash. Well, when 8AM rolled around I was at work still in the wash. That was the plan. The plan was to go early to beat the heat considering I am probably still having symptoms of the dehydration.


I don't know why I didn't think of this beforehand, but I didn't. Hello, I was hiking in a wash that contained water, which you would think I would think there might be some mosquitos. Some? A zillion of them.

They were swarming me as I hiked through the overgrown area. I finally stopped to put on the OFF with DEET (so you develop symptoms later of some disease). It was a battle getting that on as they swarmed around me. I didn't put any on my face just because but later I would apply some to the face because I was getting eating alive.

Important note when applying---make sure you aren't spraying it directly on the nozzle of your bladder tube. Why? Because it doesn't taste all that great when you take your next suck of water. Heck, I already have an issue drinking water, I don't need any more help in not drinking it.

After hitting the dry area, the deer flies took over for the mosquitos. They hurt worse than the mosquitos, however; I don't think the deer flies carries the West Nile Virus.

We have been having some trouble with cows getting into our area which is not allowed. I thought I had heard one this morning and when I heard they were dealing with more along the highway, I contacted Opie and told him what I heard. I tried to warn him not to come into the wash, but he had already started up. He radioed later saying he was leaving the area and I said I was coming down.

But then I felt the swarm again. And then I felt myself lift off the ground and start floating in the air. No, the dehydration wasn't getting to me again, the mosquitos where carrying me away. Ok, not really, but it felt like it.

I think I made it out without any major bites, however; I still feel like they are surrounding me, sucking my blood, and leaving me with marks all over. Yea, yea...I know, I know...drink more water because it will help with my altered mental status. Oh yea, I saw a coopers, but not the nest. Another day in the heat without the mosquitos.

End note: Remember D-Day! Although it was 60 years ago, there are still those veterans that are living because they were 18 and probably younger. And all I can say is THANK YOU

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