Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Desert Heat Part II

Friday morning was not a pleasant one for me. My morning started at 330 AM. I was laying in bed thinking any minute now I am going to get sick. I finally felt it coming and walked into the bathroom. I remember hugging John tightly and that is the last thing I really remember. I woke up and opened my eyes to view the side of the toilet. I had obviously passed out. I got up and decided some water was in order. I poured the water into the mason jar and carried it into the bedroom. I grabbed a pillow off the bed and then placed it next to the toilet. I was sure I would end up there again. According to the clock, I believe I was out in LA LA land for at least 30 minutes.

I downed some water too quickly obviously because I almost didn't make it into the bathroom this time to lose it all into the toilet. I remember spitting into the toilet. I woke up some time later laying on the pillow comfortably, but having weird dreams. I sat up and immediately dispensed the water into the toilet. I sat back against the wall and thought please don't let me dry-heave all day, I can't handle sleeping in the bathroom all day. Today, my jaw hurts so obviously in one of the passing out phases I bumped it.

I called a coworker's voicemail and asked to please check on me around 10 since I had already passed out twice. Side note: this is normal for me to pass out when I throw up. The doctor said so. At approximately 6am I called two other coworkers and told them I wouldn't be in, but if it was an emergency (some carry out), give me a ring (well page since my phone has been out forever) and I would come do my best.

I moved myself to the couch and set up sick camp. Water, book, phone, pager, etc. I read and slept on and off for a little while. At 8ish, I braved the outside world and made a trip into town for gatorade, 7-up, and two crossiants. I was able to get the crossiants down without them coming back up, the gatorade tasted so good, and I never got to the 7-up. Around 11am, I took a shower and decided I couldn't lay around anymore and braved the work atmosphere. I didn't think I would last very long, which I didn't, so I didn't even get dressed in uniform. We are in the process of moving offices so I helped the best I could there. Back and forth between buildings and my residence in the heat was not helping the situation.

BF called. He didn't give me the lecture he usually does about drinking water. He figured I had been suffering enough. I said G-Baby wanted me to go get an IV. He said I hope you do and it hurts. He didn't mean it in a hurtful way, but more of may be you will learn your lesson way.

I went back to work and shuffled papers on my desk. This wasn't working so I went back to my residence where the swamper wasn't working either, but I stayed put. I laid down in the bed and slept on and off between the telephone ringing and the construction pounding away. I made it through the day without craving the coke (coke cola that is) and today I have vowed to drinking nothing but water. I have been vowing that for sometime now so wish me luck.

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