Thursday, January 27, 2005

Days Roll By

Jack chatted with me the other day and said he was feeling under the weather. I think I caught whatever he had through the transmission of the keyboard. On Sunday I felt sick and pounded myself with Vitamin C after Vitamin C. All I really wanted to eat was pringles and OJ, but even that didn't seem to help matters. I am pretty sure I ate an entire box of Popsicles instead. By Monday, I felt better, but my chest was still hurting.

How do I describe my chest? Well besides the size of it, but how it has been feelings. Um, somebody very large is sitting on it, but I am not having trouble breathing. My sternum is cracked down the center, but that isn't the case either. Hell, it just outright hurts like hell, shit, and fuck. (Never really understand statements like: Cold as Hell, etc.) Anywho, it hurts. Hurts to lay down, hurts to sit up, hurts when I think, hurts when I don't. Did you get the point that it hurts?

Well my chest isn't the only thing that hurts. My nose hurts. And this isn't a hurt from blowing it because every time I blow it nothing comes out. Which I wonder why since I can't fing breathe out of it. It feels, and I can pinpoint this feeling; like someone hit me in the face with a tennis racquet. Now, I use tennis racket because I have never been hit in the face with a baseball bat, but Kurt hit me in the face with a tennis racket once. Purely accidentally really. Unlike Robert, who hit me in the face with a tennis ball. He claims that is how we got to be friends. WHATEVER. Well back to the nose hurts. It hurts when I touch it to blow nothing out of it. It hurts when I drink Chai. It hurts when I think about it hurting. Did you get the point that it hurts?

Besides the hurts, life is just rolling by slowly, but I know when the time comes to depart, it will roll too fast. I am just anxious to get over there and see what this next Journey holds for me. I know answers to questions, but there are so many more questions that I have to get answered. And those can't be until I set foot in the place. Until then as usual I wait.

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