Friday, January 14, 2005

The Journey of My Life Continues

In 2001, I bagged the city life and moved into the middle of nowhere Utah. My nearest grocery store was an hour and half away, but most made the three hour trip to Grand Junction once a month for food and every other craving. REI, a mall, Wal-Mart, etc. That was my start with the National Park Service and it was where I finally found my place in society. That first year I spent every weekend searching for some canyon or rock art or just a place where I had not let my feet touch the soil to explore and discover. After the season was over, I returned to the city, but knew my spirit was not where it belonged. I would return to Glen Canyon in 2002 and for a short time in 2003. I knew that the friendships that I had made during those years would be friendships that will last for a long time.

In 2003, I left the recreation area and moved to Arches National Park where I called home for a year and a half. Where I actually still call home. And even as I worked at the park, I found new territory to explore and discover. I found new places to hang off of and dangle by my fingertips near the edge of death. Unlike Bullfrog, I never kissed death quite like I did that year in Halls Creek, however; I had a few close calls. It was here at Arches where I would meet a new group of Parkies and I would eventually meet the BF.

My life has come to an end in Utah for a while even though I call the place home. I know there are many canyons that I have yet to fall into. There is red rock that I have not scrambled across or slid down in the hopes I would stop at the ledge. There are streams, brooks, and cricks I have not walked through for twenty-four hours (23 hours and 58 minutes to be exact) straight so I may lose another toenail and go through hell for over a year. There is rock art that has not been photographed by me. There is red clay that I haven't brought from the ground into the house. There is a lot I have not done in Utah that I know I want to accomplish before the life is sucked from my lungs.

But there is also a lot of the other world that I have not explored. Really, I am leaving Utah because I have accepted another job in another state. And although it will be hard to leave the BF, the dog, and the new Parkie friends, I know at this time in my life it is something that I must do. I leave on February 19th for another journey. Depending on which route I take, I will travel across Utah through some other states and land in California. The job is once again with the park service. This time at Pinnacles National Monument (NewJob). The job entails half law enforcement (or for Hornet's sake 51%). The other half of the job will be monitoring the California condors. I am pretty stoked about it.

All I keep thinking is that I will have so much more to explore and discover. The ocean is only an hour away and I hope to work out my ear problems to scuba dive. And I just keep thinking that Life is A Journey and this is just a small part of my journey. I will keep you posted and make sure you continue to check out my photo site (PhotoSite) for new and exciting photos.

Wish me luck...

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