Sunday, January 30, 2005

Got off my Ass

This morning my wonderful friend, Jenna, woke me at 5 AM. Of course I couldn't go back to sleep afterwards. And come to think of it, I am not even sure she went to the bathroom because she normally heads over in the neighbors to do her business. She woke up BF at 830 AM after I had just got back to sleep, but he didn't acknowledge her so he is in the doghouse with me all day. I got up again. After 4 bowls of POPS, a raw mouth, and 900 games of Freecell, I decided BF had slept long enough. I finally woke him up with a few smacks to the jaw.

I gave Flapper and G-Baby a call, but Flapper had overbooked and I am sure she had never even told G-Baby about the hike we had planned. After waiting patiently for BF to eat and get ready we finally embarked. We would be hiking in the park today so although Jenna came with us, she wouldn't be allowed to hike with us.

And yes this pissed her off. We let her walk for a little while before we headed up the canyon. She barked forever. Well, as long as we could hear her. I think she finally stopped once she couldn't see us anymore. We could see her head poking out the window. A window that was not lowered the much. She had pulled it down some more in an attempt to get to us. She didn't succeed.

We were searching for a rock art panel that I had been to before except in one stupid push of a button I erased all of my GPS waypoints from my unit one day. After reaching the top of the ridge and relieving ourselves, we started hiking in the direction I thought it was. My waypoint was an arch, but we never did find that arch. We came to another drainage and had to walk up this long incline. When we got to the top, there were some shoeprints. I figured they were looking for the same thing. We followed them for a while and came upon this arch. As BF took photos of the arch, I continued on attempting to get my bearings straight. I finally succeeded (I know which is unbelievable) and yelled for BF to follow his drainage up. And we came upon the Giraffe Panel.

These are two other photos taken at the site up close of the animals. Animal and Animal

I was then satisfied with my find, GPSed the location, and we went towards a drainage. When we reached the drainage, it was not the one I was looking for and by this time, I was getting the need to return to the vehicle and Jenna. What do they call that? Something to do with the mother missing the child sort of thing. Like when mom's drop off the kids at school for the first time and cry about it. Well, I wasn't quite there.

Hiking over slickrock just about makes you need new soles on your shoes each time. In the summer it is twice as bad because the heat radiates into your feet making them burn. We finally started back toward the road and to the car where it appeared she had finally settled down. We found little damage in the vehicle which we were surprised.

We let her run for about two minutes before throwing her back in the vehicle. We then stopped at another place and let her run on a road for a while. Of course her running is like twice the amount we probably walked.

We finished the day off with hamburgers at the Diner and then I finished my day off with a shower and a nap as usual.

Now read Jenna's to get her view on the day.

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