Monday, January 10, 2005

Off to Pickup Pocket Puppy

I am leaving in about an hour to see PocketPuppy for the first time. I am unsure if my father has named him yet. How I did learn yesterday that he already has a scar on his nose. My dad has another chocolate lab named Hershey. He's a huntin' dog and working dogs wear out a little quicker than lazy house dogs. So little to say Hershey needs some adjusting to the new 8 week old trying to get a piece of the territory. Yesterday during feeding PP thought he would test the waters and try Hershey's food. And Hershey let him know that would not be happening and bit PP on the nose.

I can't even believe I am calling him PP. After calling him Pocket Puppy and Pocket for a week now, I relented and called him PP. AHHHHHHH! Oh well. Nonetheless, I am looking so forward to holding him for about a week. And yes, Hershey will get my first lovin' because he's my dog. Well, I bought him for my father so technically I owned him for a short time. But I gave up saying I owned him when I realized if I owned him I would have to pay the bills for him so my dad owns him now.

So I am heading to Nebraska where the weather is supposed to not peak over 40 degrees the entire time I am there. Today's weather here is rain and it has been raining all night. The other day I checked the weather for Nebraska and it said -5, but felt like -17. I am sure there is a time when cold is just that, cold. Anyway, I will keep myself warm by cuddling with PP and Hershey.

Have a good one.

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