Tuesday, December 07, 2004

December 7th

I used to work at a juvenile detention center when I lived in Phoenix. I worked in a specialized unit of the facility instead of the normal units. We dealt with substance abuse issues during the week and repeat and first time offenders during the weekends. During the day, the juveniles were taken out of the facility for community service projects, educational trips, and once a week we went to the Federal Prison. Sometimes one of the members of the afternoon crew would go with the group.

On December 7, 2000 Dave and I would be the ones accompanying the juveniles to the prison. When we arrived at the prison, we were met by Chuck who would usher us into the prison visitor area. As we had walked into the prison, we noticed their flag was flying at half-mast. Dave asked Chuck if they had an officer killed? Chuck said no, why? And Dave responded that their flag was lowered. It was one of those moments where 'here is your sign' is kind of appropriate it. Chuck said 'it is Pearl Harbor Day. OUCH!

I told that to another colleague and said I was never going to forget December 7th again in my life. The following year on December 7th that colleague called me. She started with small talk and then asked me what the day was? I said I have no idea and what was she talking about. She threw 'here is your sign' in my face again.

However, these days I don't forget December 7th because our country might be a little different if those men and women would not have sacarficed their lives. And so I thank them not only on December 7th, but on every day that I wake up.

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