Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Long, But Beautiful Drive Back

I awoke this morning at what I thought was 630am. I didn't realize it was really 730 until I flipped open the phone. I had to stop at the lab for some routine blood work and to pee in a cup and then it would be a relaxing 5 hour drive to Moab.

I stopped to gas up and get something to eat because I had just fasted for 12 hours. I went inside to pay and when I returned heard this noise. I can't even describe it, but when I realized where it was coming from I decided I should stop it. The guy on the other side of my pump left his nozzle unattended and it was overflowing considerably. I moved over and clicked it off just as he came around the vehicle from where he was sitting and went to grab it. All I could think of was static electricity and he was going to be on fire shortly. Thank goodness it didn't happen. He then continued to fill up his tank. I was dumbfounded. And when I told the cashiers inside they put kitty litter on it. Bet that stuff masks the smell.

I headed out on the open road. Ever feel like you are the only person on the road even though people are flying by you? And then when someone does something stupid, you think 'that person thinks he/she is the only person out here'.

The weather was a little dreary, but nonetheless beautiful in its own rite. The sky was quilted with clouds as well as down balls preparing to make more quilts. The blue was scattered around and it was the most vivid light blue I've seen in a long time. The red rocks were not shining and glowing the awesome red, but they had another hue that was just as nice.

I came around the corner outside of Kayenta and viewed an Indian ruin I had not seen before. And then Tsegi canyon which always leaves me breathless and saying 'I want to hike up there'. Unfortunately, it is not allowed. I stopped in Kayenta for a drink at Sonic because they have crushed ice and I am addicted to crushed ice. Instead of turning on 163, I drove straight. The Navajo hitchhiker I had picked up asked if I had been through that way and I said only in the dark. He said you need to do it when it is light out and he was correct. There was so much I had not seen before. Normally in Kayenta I gas up, but today I decided not to. It is always when you play it close that the gas gauge drops considerably quicker than normal.

As I was driving through Bluff, I noticed a cemetery on top of a hill. Bluff is a very old and historic Mormon town of Utah so I turned around and decided to stretch my legs with the dead. I will tell you that the dead have a beautiful view of the valley. And just down from them is an Indian ruin with a great Kiva. I wonder if the whites and reds meet up each night to tell stories of the old days. Would I love to be there for those stories! I had no idea that the ruin was there so I need to go back sometime and check it out with the tour. Tour only, which doesn't mean stupid people don't clamor around there anyway. The oldest grave I found was 1820, Nelson, and he was one of the founding individuals that was sent out to find the place. There was also an individual who had participated in the Mexican War of 1846. MexicanWar and TheView

And that got me to thinking, if he wouldn't have fought, I might not be living in Utah. And I wondered where I would be living. I would probably still be back in Iowa. And heck if it weren't for the Mormons who fought during that time then Utah might not be Utah. Interesting to ponder no matter where you live.

I drove on at the speed limit because from Bluff to Moab the UHP and Sheriff are a plenty. I stopped in Blanding for gas and then traveled past over 500 storage sheds toward Monticello. Wonder why I included the storage sheds. The Mormons stop pile a year's supply of food. And I think that is what is in those storage sheds. The town only has like 3000 people.

In Monticello, I had a blue pickup pass me probably doing 50 miles an hour in a 30. And then shortly thereafter a blue car passed me. I was doing 80 at the time because I have to speed up going down the hills to get the Rocket up the hills. I smiled because I knew that at least one if not both would be pulled over at some point before Moab. I was also going through my mind how I was going to handle the accident they were most likely going to cause. The blue car was pulled over about 20 miles outside of Moab and upon reaching Moab another officer was pulled over on the side of the road. I assumed he was finishing up the ticket of the blue pickup.

Coming down the hill into the valley, I had to pull over to the side of the road because white car was driving in my lane. The crazy thing is that she really didn't correct the action, but just kept driving in my lane. I have done it. Looking at something in the distance, hell minutes before I had done it looking at a tree, but I always put up my hand like sorry I was being an idiot. Nothing. Just casual as can be. I just let it slide.

I am home now and the weather is just beautiful. I have already started laundry and repacking because I am leaving on the 30th for Vegas. I hope every one has a wonderful New Year Eve and New Years. Be safe. FullMoon

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