Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I Long For Warmth

I look out the window and see the backyard spectacled with whiteness. And then I look further or is it farther out across the backyard to the cliff face in the distance and see it blanketed with whiteness. The sun is barely shining on the cliff face. I haven't been outside yet today, but making an assumption, which is strictly against the Four Agreements, I would say it is cloudy. At some godly (do you capitalize it when you are using it in that form) hour this morning, I took out the dog to the freezing rain. Thank goodness BF's body temperature is 900 degrees so I had something to warm myself up again. The high today is supposed to be 41 and the low 31. Not much of a change, but enough for me to complain and bitch. If you read Green you might come away with that he doesn't like the cold. But who the hell does like 3 degrees. My real question is was that really the temperature or did he make it up. (That is an inside joke with us). I leave tomorrow to head to Phoenix.

THURSDAYHi: 64°Lo: 46°Sunny
FRIDAYHi: 68°Lo: 52°Sunny
SATURDAYHi: 75°Lo: 54°Sunny
SUNDAYHi: 75°Lo: 53°Sunny

Yea, I think I am going to hate those temperatures. NOT! (Remember when that was such a cool word). I am going to be able to go out of the house without 12 shirts, 2 of those long underwear, 3 jackets, 5 pairs of gloves, 16 socks, and a stocking cap. As you might notice, my body temperature is not 900 degrees. I have lived in the desert for so long that I think I am part snake and should hibernate in the winter. My BF doesn't understand why I sleep all day---well besides being clinically depressed---it is a lot warmer in the bed.
I look at the temperatures above in purple. Several things stand out...

1. SUNNY times 4
2. The low is higher than our high
3. SUNNY times 4
4. 75 degrees
5. SUNNY times 4

BF might be driving back to Utah by himself. I mean hey I am not working so I really don't have to get back to anything right away. I might just stay in the warmth. Unfortunately, my sister rented out my room to another family member so I guess I will come back to the cold, which will be even colder at SUNNY 75 degree temperatures.

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