Wednesday, December 15, 2004

From a Dog's Point of View

I woke up this morning and yawned a loud one to wake up the two legged creatures sleeping in the comfortable place above me. It took several tries before I was able to get one of them out of the comfortable place and take me outside. The one creature often stays in the comfortable place for a few more hours and sometimes returns there after our walk. Anyway, the creature that got up, I'll call it boy, forgot to feed me before boy left for where ever he goes each morning.

Finally, the other creature, named girl, got up and sat down on that stupid chair and started looking at that blank screen. I went back and forth from the room that holds my food to her, but she didn't get the clue that may be I was hungry. I eventually gave up because she just wasn't getting it. I looked outside and could tell it was a great day and wondered why the hell I had to be cooped up inside all day. Build the damn fence so I can play in the backyard all day two-legged creatures.

Finally, girl got up and took off something to put something else on. She put those things on her feet and I knew then we were at least headed outside. About arfing time. Finally she told me to get in the thing that moves and I jumped right in. Unknown to the two-legged creatures, I played them up big time for a while pretending I couldn't jump into the vehicle so they would have to lift me. Sometimes I still try it, but they got smart and won't allow me to. I was placed in the backseat which I normally get to ride in the front. Bitch.

We drove through town and stopped at the same damn places we stopped yesterday. We go to the same place each day except Sunday. She goes in and comes right back out. Sometimes with things, sometimes without. And as we drive, she talks to me like I am going to answer her back. "Do you want to go for a walk?" Well, yes stupid I want to go for a walk every damn day. Finally, we are headed to where I want to go. Canyon

This is one of my favorite places to explore because it has water the entire way and I can splash and run around in it. Water When I get wet I go insane and run in circles real fast. Anyway, we went to the M. Creek. I get to stay off the leash unless another person is coming or I get in trouble (which I did today). She kept calling my name to stay in view, but there was too much to explore. And why should I wait for her, she should keep up with me.

She insisted on crossing over to the left and going up that canyon today. We crossed over eventually and then had to come right back around. Unfortunately she didn't fall in the water because that would have been damn funny. So we went up the right fork as usual, but we went a lot farther this time. And that is when I got in trouble because I wasn't staying in her eyesight just in case people came. Anyway, I was only on the leash for a short while and it taught me to stay close. If I got too far ahead where I couldn't see the slower two-legged creature, I waited until I could and then went on. Why they went to walking on two legs is beyond me. You can go much faster on four legs. Four legs ruled way before two. Waterfall

She kept stopping to take photos, whatever the heck those are, and occasionally made me stop for her to take one of me. We finally finished up the hike and the two two-legged creatures finally put together I hadn't eaten. So we came home and I was finally fed. I am currently resting my wet body on their clothes on the floor. It sure is warmer this way. Rockforms and Deadtree and Snowmtn and another snowmtn

I wonder if they will remember my dinner tonight and take me for another walk tomorrow. Wish me arf!

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