Monday, December 27, 2004

Traditions of Christmas-What's yours?

As the post below said, I drove from Moab to Phoenix. My sisters all live in Phoenix and that is where we usually meet for Christmas. For one, it is warm there. I mean Christmas day was 65 degrees and no wind chill factor. (That is a family joke).

On I-17 there is a location where I love the tradition that comes into view during that drive. Someone, and no one has any idea who, has a tradition of decorating a large juniper tree every year. One day it isn't, the next day it is. No one knows who does it. There is speculation. But I think not knowing is the excitement of seeing it during the drive. And it has become a tradition for people to go with their families up to the tree each year. Just to view it. As I drove down this year I thought, geez, what if they didn't decorate it this year. And what happens--is it passed down from generation to generation? I hope to continue to see it every year that I do that drive.

So what is your tradition?

There are many traditions and some I don't know if they are traditions. First, we make butter cookies and frost them. I think they are better frosted. And then you freeze them. BF thought I was crazy until he tasted one and then realized I was right. (Well, I am female.) But we've made butter cookies from as long as I can remember. When my nephew and I would make them, if we broke them during frosting, we got to eat them. A lot of them got broken.

Again, what is your Christmas family tradition?

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